About the ASRE

About the ASRE

Education and research at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate (ASRE) is mainly in Dutch. If you want to discuss the development of a specific (company) course in English, please contact Peter Tempelman| 06 347 780 26. 


The University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Vrije Universiteit (VU) offer various real estate programmes in English. The UvA offers, as part of the Master’s programme in Finance, the Real Estate Finance track. This track grants an in-depth understanding of real estate in the context of international finance. The Vrije Universiteit offers the minor Real Estate Economics and Finance

Amsterdam School of Real Estate

The ASRE was a joint initiative of Dutch real estate industry organizations, the Dutch government and the UvA. Project developers, real estate agents, institutional investors, the Dutch government and the UvA joined forces in 1989 to expand and professionalise the expertise in the field of real estate. The two most important objectives of the ASRE, the academic institute for real estate, are:

- to play a central role in the broad multidisciplinary specialism of real estate. The ASRE gathers, brings together and makes available national and international knowledge and insights in the field of real estate and stimulates the knowledge development. She brings together people, organisations and knowledge.

- to fulfill a bridging role between academic scholarship and common practice. The ASRE combines an academic approach with knowledge and insight experience in practice. The needs of the property market shapes the ASRE education and research.


Customised knowledge is the theme of the education programme that the ASRE provides. The ASRE offers a coherent package of high-quality programmes. Real estate professionals have a choice of two postgraduate programmes: the Master of Real Estate (MRE) and the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE). The ASRE also offers an extensive Executive Education programme. This program consists of short, seven to twelve week courses that revolve around specific sector courses or subjects, such as retail, social housing, government etc. The programme also includes summer courses, in-company courses and permanent education.


ASRE Research attaches great importance to its coordinating and stimulating role in the research field. For that purpose it collaborates - where possible - with external real estate researchers and with universities. The aim is to bring together the available professional knowledge.

ASRE library

Information is an indispensable support for both teaching and research. Our library is very extensive and comprises over more than 45,000 titles. Because of both the size and quality of its collection, the ASRE library holds a leading position among the real estate knowledge centers in Europe. Website: www.vastgoedbibliotheek.nl 

Life long learning

The ASRE would like to be the life-long educational partner for professionals in their career. Therefore she is working on a new formula to offer alumni short programmes with contemporary issues and knowledge such as energy transition and urbanisation.